SEO Personalisation is Your Next Big Business Step

Not long ago, when somebody used a search engine, he is going to receive the same results as everybody else using the same keywords he’s using. Today, each person using the same keywords will have different results depending on where they are, what they like, and who they know. This is because SEO has become a more personalised experience.

Just like search engines, you need to make your product or service easy to reach for your target audience. The modern customer loves it when you can tailor your online presence (along with your products and services, of course) to suit their particular needs. Here are the three steps to better personalisation for your website’s SEO:

Personalisation by country

You need to make your website ‘searchable’ in the country that you want to sell your products and services to. If Google doesn’t deem your website relevant to your target countries, your brand isn’t likely to show up in your target customer’s search results. To be relevant, you need to work on your site’s international SEO.

Personalisation by region

Search engines are able to show results that match the searcher’s locality. As with personalisation by country, you need to ensure your online presence is relevant to your target city or cities if you want to appear in the search results of people who search for your products or services there.

Internet browsing habits and personal history

Making your website relevant according to your market’s browsing habits and history is the ultimate SEO personalisation you can do. However, unlike personalisation by country or region which is pretty easy to do on your own with a little SEO background, this type of personalisation is very complicated. Discuss this step with an SEO service provider in your area to learn what you need to do.


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