Repurpose Old Content for SEO Benefits

Regularly posting fresh content on the web is a must for businesses to maintain a good online presence. One problem for many marketers today is what to do with old, outdated content that seemingly no longer contributes to a site’s rankings. The solution is actually much simpler: repurposing. Repurposing is basically extending content’s shelf life through updating, upgrading and then promoting it again, perhaps for a newer audience or existing readers. This process is not only easy, but it also reaps a lot of SEO benefits.

Organic SEO Maintenance

Google and other search engines regularly release updates, too. This means that the rules for online marketing change from time to time. What may have worked to your advantage before may now be hurting your efforts. Practice routine SEO maintenance by making sure your content adhere to the latest standards.

Attract More Traffic

It’s a fact: more recent content tend to get more clicks. Simply adding updated information, the latest trend or even some visuals could well be worth it. Take this time as well to update the keywords to reflect your current strategy. Just make sure that the new keywords are inserted naturally into the content.

All of these help direct more traffic to your site. And although, more page views doesn’t necessarily mean search rankings, they do help where it matters. This might just get you more social shares, better engagement with your potential customers, and by extension, more sales.


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