Essential Steps to a Routine SEO Checkup

With search engines, particularly Google, changing their algorithms from time to time, it’s important to make sure that the SEO strategies you have are still relevant. A routine SEO checkup should be performed. Here are some steps you should never skip when you are doing a site maintenance.

Page Speed

How fast does each page on your website load? In a world where consumers prefer to make their purchases on the go using their mobile devices, this is an important question to ask. Studies say that slow loading tends to put users off and make them leave a site in search of another. Testing the speed of each page on your website is a must. This way, you can find and fix potential problems that could be causing the lag.

Mobile Friendliness

Speaking of consumers on their mobile devices, mobile optimization is something that you should already be doing. If you’re not taking advantage of the spike in mobile users, you are missing tons of sales opportunities. However, you should not forget about desktop users as they still make up a huge part of your consumers. To cater to both sides, a mobile responsive website design should be implemented.

Website Security

Business websites, especially those that sell products online, should have security measures in place. Whether the purpose is to avoid hacking or just safeguarding sensitive information, security is essential. If you need more motivation for this, Google has been known to penalize sites that are not secured as well.

While there are many tools out there for the people who like to do the work themselves, professional help does yield better results. Look to SEO professionals for more advice.


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