Essential Steps to a Routine SEO Checkup

With search engines, particularly Google, changing their algorithms from time to time, it’s important to make sure that the SEO strategies you have are still relevant. A routine SEO checkup should be performed. Here are some steps you should never skip when you are doing a site maintenance. Continue Reading


Repurpose Old Content for SEO Benefits

Regularly posting fresh content on the web is a must for businesses to maintain a good online presence. One problem for many marketers today is what to do with old, outdated content that seemingly no longer contributes to a site’s rankings. The solution is actually much simpler: repurposing. Repurposing is basically extending content’s shelf life through updating, upgrading and then promoting it again, perhaps for a newer audience or existing readers. This process is not only easy, but it also reaps a lot of SEO benefits. Continue Reading

SEO Personalisation is Your Next Big Business Step

Not long ago, when somebody used a search engine, he is going to receive the same results as everybody else using the same keywords he’s using. Today, each person using the same keywords will have different results depending on where they are, what they like, and who they know. This is because SEO has become a more personalised experience. Continue Reading

The Importance of Long-Tail Keywords in SEO

Long-tail keywords are phrases that can have a dramatic impact upon inbound hits thanks to their very specific nature. One of the primary benefits of these keywords is that they are more likely to be used when a client is close to making a purchase or committing to a service. In other words, those who are very interested in an item are more likely to use an extremely specific phrase. Continue Reading

Knowing the Marketing Goals of an SEO Firm

A website that is not fairing as well as expected can benefit from SEO services. Hiring an agency to do the search engine optimisation of your site is not always straightforward. One of the aspects that will help you narrow down the most suitable choices is to find out the marketing goals of a particular agency before hiring them. Continue Reading

Improve Communication with Social Media Marketing

With so many people on social media, it would be remiss if you did not come up with a way to capitalise on it. Before you can develop a social media strategy, have clear goals of why you are doing it. One potential objective of using social media for marketing is improving communications and interaction.
Continue Reading