Social And Search Indicators That Drive Your Business’ SEO Success

m11Social media and search are often pitted against one another but, in reality, they are not mutually exclusive. In the same way that most Internet users still rely on search engines, while also engaging with social media websites, businesses and website owners can also combine social and search into a single, unified, online marketing mix.

In fact, with social media becoming increasingly important, and with the likes of Google stepping into the social media sector, increasing your social media presence could help to further propel your exposure in the search engine rankings.

Engagement Is Key

Engagement is key when it comes to social media marketing in Bristol. Simply adding status bios and profiles to major social media sites, and even publishing regular content on these sites, will not garner the kind of exposure that you want.


Latest News—What You Need to Know about SEO and Social Media Marketing


If you’re a business owner or marketing specialist in Bristol or elsewhere, you probably already know about the importance of social media and SEO in the scope of modern business. With the Internet being a part of everyday life for countless people, it’s no wonder why so many successful businesses have devoted a large group in their marketing departments to online platforms.

Here are a few facts about SEO and social media marketing in Bristol you may have never come across before, which will hopefully give you a better understanding of social media and SEO’s significance.

What to Do with Google’s 2015 Local SEO Updates Before it’s too Late


Most business owners think that local search engine optimization (SEO) begins and ends with filling out their names in several online directories. In reality, local SEO should be developed from somewhere else.

The foremost element of local SEO is the business’ name, address and phone number (NAP). Before any listings or review sites, the NAP of your business should be established first, with as much accuracy and consistency on online pages as possible.

An Entrepreneur article cited a survey from Moz saying that a false business location is the number one reason for negative local SEO rankings while the third largest factor is having NAP discrepancies. If you still have such inaccuracies, it’s crucial that you fix them lest you lose your local visibility, particularly with Google’s Pigeon updates around. Last year, more businesses were affected when Google spread out the Pigeon update in the United Kingdom, alongside Australia and Canada.